Cintrex AV Support Center

Below we have listed the most common questions grouped in specific categories based upon product type. Some more common questions are shown first.

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Video Examples

Videos of our Media Conversion Processes, Movie Film Transfers, and Restoration Services.

General FAQs

Topics include why choose Cintrex, why transfer your collections, and what do we transfer.

Film Transfer FAQs

Topics Include types of film, our film transfer process, and common problems of aging film.

Video Tape Transfer FAQs

Cintrex Av is your solution for transferring foreign tapes, tape repair, and return materials. Have your Video tapes transfered by Cintrex.

Slides, Photos, & Negative FAQs

Topics include scanning resolutions, slideshow options, and slide order.

Archival FAQs

Topics include best methods for archival, different archival formats, and adding value to your collection.

Ordering FAQs

Topics include customer satisfaction, duration of projects, and project storage.