Slides, Photos, & Negative FAQs

What is the cost to scan and digitize my 35mm slides?

Digitization of standard 35mm slides: $0.45 each, choice of JPG or TIF or PNG file output. Files returned on data disc, or on provided or purchased flash drive, or via the web.

If a video slideshow is ordered, the cost is an extra $0.20 (20 cents) per slide, and we will include an onscreen title and unlicensed background music. Custom background music can be ordered for $20. Each slide image appears for 7 seconds before moving to the next slide. Video slideshows can be returned on video DVD, video Blu-ray Disc, or as data files via storage media or web download. Extra copies of a DVD or Blu-ray Disc are $15 each. An Extra Copy, but in a different format, such as a Blu-ray Disc or data file would be $25.

Slides are cleaned with compressed air and/or lint free cloth before scanning. After scanning, we correct slide image orientation and cropping before placing images on final storage media. If wanting the extra editing of advanced dust and scratch removal and color correction, there is an extra charge of $0.20 per slide.

How many slides will fit on a video slideshow DVD or Blu-ray Disc?

Up to 1,000 slides can fit on in video slideshow on DVD, and up to 5,000 on a video Blu-ray Disc.

What resolution do you use when scanning in slides?

Standard scanning of slides is done at 3,000 dpi (dots per inch) resolution.

Can I have audio added to the movie slideshow?

Yes. Cintrex can add background music to your slideshow based on your preferences. We have royalty free instrumental music available in every genre. We also have narration options available to customers interested in including verbal information with their slideshow. Click here to see an example of a slideshow with music added by Cintrex.

Can I have titles and on-screen wording added to my movie slideshow?

Yes. Cintrex can add on-screen titles and wording to enhance and organize your slideshow. Common examples are slides divided up by year or event using on-screen titles.

  • Example 1: Customer has slides numbered and organized in the order they would like them scanned.
  • Example 2: Customer has slides separated by year and would like them scanned in chronological order.

Can Cintrex organize my slides in my desired order?

Yes. Cintrex will follow the specific instructions gathered when the order is placed. Clear instructions and proper labeling (do not use post-it notes because they fall off) will ensure that your order is processed precisely as you intend.

How do you capture film and photo negatives?

We use Espon flatbed scanners, standard resolution of 1,200 ppi.

Can you handle oversize photos?

In-house we can handle photos up to 17”x14” in size.