General FAQs

Why use Cintrex AV?

Cintrex Audio Visual has been transferring audio, video, slides, and prints for almost 30 years. We utilize our experience, knowledgeable staff, professional grade technology and equipment, and competitive pricing to offer our customers the best value in the industry on media transfer and conversion services. Because of our experience and quality we have a network of more then 100 retailers across the United States that trust Cintrex with many of their media transfer needs. Additionally, Cintrex offers several options to our customers that they can't find from other large transfer companies.

  • Cintrex offers personalized, custom editing solutions for your specific order. Our premium editing service includes one-on-one communication with the technician that will be handling your order. This ensures that you get a finished product that is exactly the way you envisioned it.

  • Many customers have large libraries of old content and they may not even know what is on some tapes or reels. At Cintrex, we can combine multiple tapes and reels together on one disc (where applicable) to help customers consolidate their valuable content efficiently. Most large transfer companies do not offer this service for customers with short tapes and customers will receive their orders only to find they have been given discs (and charged for the discs) that may only contain a few minutes of content.

  • Cintrex offers several “outside the box” services for customers looking for creative, unique conversion of their valuable content. These services include Family Movie Stories, third person narration options, video resumes, and personalized editing services.

  • Cintrex is on the cutting edge in offering Blu-ray high definition transfers. We offer transfer of film and video tape to Blu-ray for enhanced clarity and color of older media, and for storage of larger amounts of content per disc.

Why do retail stores outsource their transfer orders to Cintrex?

Cintrex is experienced in providing wholesale film transfer services to a nationwide network of partners. We do the work behind the scenes to ensure their customer expectations are met for quality products and quick service. Check out our Interested Dealers page to find out more.

Why should I transfer my valuable content to a new, digital media format?

Older media, such as film reels, video tapes, slides, and prints, are physical formats that are susceptible to being degraded by time, weather, and other natural elements. The availability of players and projectors for these types of media becomes more scarce over time. By converting these priceless family memories to digital format, such as DVD, Blu-ray, and data files on hard-drive, you ensure that these valuable memories survive for yourself and future generations to enjoy.

What type of computer formats are supported in your transfer process?

For film and video transfer formats we support include .mov, .avi. .mp4, .wmv, and .mp2. For slides, prints, and negatives we offer conversion to Jpegs as well as video formats for slideshow creation. If you have media that you would like to have converted into a specific format that we did not mention feel free to Contact Us and we will make every effort to accommodate your order.

Do you ever offer discounts?

Check out our Package Specials page for all the latest deals from Cintrex. Discounts are also available for large orders and are determined on a case-by-case basis. Contact Us for special rates for large transfer orders. We also provide free shipping on all orders of $100 or more! What is the difference between standard definition transfer compared to high definition transfer? Standard definition transfer of film and video provides an output picture that has a 4:3 aspect and is typical for older TVs with up to 500 lines resolution. For today's HDTVs we can produce a high-definition transfer product that has a 16:9 aspect and is wide-screen TV ready with either 720p (progressive HD) or 1080i (interlaced HD) formats. High Definition is the better transfer product for 8mm and 16mm movie film and high definition camcorder recordings, because of its wide screen presentation, better color, and better clarity. 8mm and 16mm movie films transferred with our high-definition process will transfer all the original content in each frame, and can be color corrected to offset film's aging process. Check out this video to see a side by side comparison.