Archival FAQs

What is a recommended way to store and save my video collection for the long term?

Consider the rule of three (3-2-1) when archiving all of your video content. Make 3 copies of anything you care about, in 2 different formats, with 1 offsite backup. This rule applies to preserving the video collection. We recommend saving your video files in three different places, and in different formats for play and storage. A suggested storage combination for preserving a family's digital video collection would be 1) an access copy on video Blu-ray Disc, 2) a data file stored on an external hard-drive and in an online "cloud hosted" repository; and 3) a USB Flash Drive or M-DISC in your safe deposit box. For a corporate archive, the company could consider a storage combination of optical disc, online storage network (onsite or cloud hosted), and LTO tape backup.

What is a recommended approach on determining what videos should be saved for the long term?

Professional archivists estimate that NO more than 5% of recorded content has enduring value. The video highlights, the moments that you want to share, the company records worth is up to the person or department with the money (budget), time, and resources to make the decision on what to save. Managing video clutter requires time and commitment.

Estimate saving 25% of your collection, and start now.

Our recommended approach is to Digitize everything that you think valuable, place it on more than one storage technology, and preferably in a private secure location. We offer alternative storage media such as Blu-ray Disc, archival M-DISC, and LTO Tape, for backup of your valuable video collection.

Also, digitizing the content with no accompanying information (often called metadata) can result in loss, as well. Will your great grandchildren know the people in your photos? Will the future leaders of your corporation understand the importance of the work you are doing today? Consider adding customized information to your newly digital files and discs. Consider organizing, labeling, and infusing your content with additional information such as key words, file titles and descriptions, pop-up subtitles, voice narratives, and onscreen titles so that your videos retain their unique value farther into the future.

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Do you offer a HOW-TO Guide for Archiving a Video Collection?

Yes, we do.

  • The short version of the Guide, is Here.
  • The longer version for insomniacs is Here.

What is the most reliable digital media I can transfer my content to?

Consider these options: M-DISC (optical disc rated to retain information up to 1,000 years), Solid State Drives (SSD) storage media - cards, flashdrives, hard-drives, and LTO tapes.

The M-DISC from Millenniata can hold up to 100GB of video content, and is rated by the US Dept. of Defense to retain information for up to 1,000 years. Optical Disc readers are projected to be around for the next 30 years, so the M-DISC can be a fairly reliable means of holding your important videos in archive storage (vault or safe deposit box); click here to read more about this technology and view a video on it.

SSD storage media are readily available and becoming less expensive as time passes.

LTO tapes have a shelf life of 30 years and store up to 12TB of video. Contact Us to discuss the best options for your large order or you can visit our LTO Tape page for more information.

Do you offer customized services for my particular archiving project

Yes, we can tailor our offerings to meet your organizing and archiving requirements.