Cintrex AV Process for Media Conversion & Transfer:


The transfer steps and processes are very similar for scanning film and video tapes, photo’s, negatives and slides.  We use different machines to scan the various types of media, but once the digitized content is placed on the network, then the processes utilize the same computer tools and data appliances, the same new access media and storage options, and the same business processes.  The common steps in the process are:

  • Receipt of order and cataloging physical contents, including inspection of customer supplied contents for damage, and noting areas in need of repair

  • Cleaning, repairing, and prepping the physical media as needed to ensure smooth transfer and conversion

  • Assigning a sequence and order of transfer, so as to complete the job in as quick a professional manner as possible.  Having a plan upfront saves time later on.

  • Playing and ingesting the captured content, using current technology scanners, players (representative of the right era and technology) and collection points to capture the content, digitize and encode the content.

  • Placing captured content on our computer and storage network

  • Editing the Content, preparing content for Transfer, transcoding or creating correct file types to match requested output

  • Selection of proper new media, and transfer of captured, converted digital content to new media

  • Presentation and Packaging

  • Quality Control Inspection on ALL orders prior to shipment

  • Interim storage up to 90 days of customer content

  • Business Systems for order status, packing, tracking, updates, invoicing



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